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Come and learn practical solutions to successful growth and how other entrepreneurs and their teams have overcome many of the challenges of taking their business to a whole new level. 


Company's don't grow in straight lines they grow in steps and at each step, you have new issues to overcome. Our keynote speaker Simon Teague and his team, have worked with a whole range of small and medium-size businesses and large corporations with multi-million pounds turnover. The team has the knowledge and experience to help you climb each step successfully. 


This year, The Kings Summit will focus on specific Scale Up strategies that have proved to be highly effective for business growth.  On average over 20% growth in turnover in less than 1 year!


Come and learn from the very Entrepreneurs that have taken their businesses to a whole new level, who understand the challenges of growing a business and who can provide you with real and honest insights into specific growth strategies. You will learn how to overcome some of the risks associated with growing your business, the key secrets to success and how these strategies can be implemented straight away, with immediate impact.


However, let us say this – if you’re looking for "run of the mill" teaching and a conference where you go away with a bag of goodies and a few business cards then do yourself a favour and step away now. Instead, if you want to gain real insight into what truly great entrepreneurs do to earn 10 times more income than Mr. and Mrs. Average, then that’s exactly what the Kings Summit will deliver.

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