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A Conference For 

Ambitious Entrepreneurs

what happened before

Over the past four years, the Kings Summit has attracted an audience of ambitious entrepreneurs. In 2022, we are returning to Canterbury where we are seeing a significant move of God and we, therefore, want to return to our roots. 

Hundreds of business owners are asking us for support and insights into how they can protect their business and the livelihoods of their employees, and we are bringing together experienced Christian entrepreneurs who can help you navigate the choppy waters ahead by learning and implementing robust strategies to help you to survive and thrive.

The Fifth Kings Summit will also include detailed information on the Governments Peer to Peer Programme and Enhanced Business Support Programmes both being launched now in Kent. Don't miss out on an incredible amount of grant-funded support that could be coming your way. 

We have a great lineup of speakers all giving their time freely to help as many companies as possible. Pulling together we can all get through this challenging period in our history and be the pioneers of change.

We are donating to our favourite charity so feel free to make a donation if you wish.

God bless.

The Kings Summit Team

Why Do You Need To Attend This Year?

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