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Building a Peer Network that works with and for you

In the last great depression, one of the key factors that sustained business survival and growth was the coming together of like-minded entrepreneurs to understand each other's challenges and find a way to collaborate and support each other.

Mastermind groups were formed. In the case of Henry Ford, in his efforts to become a world-class builder of cars, he first set about building a strong and trusted network of connections that helped him to grow and develop his business ideas.

This strategy has been acknowledged by the UK Government as one of the most impactful answers to helping businesses navigate the current 'great depression' which we are all experiencing as a result of the pandemic.

They are now funding Peer to Peer Network programmes all around the country.

The Kings Summit team are involved in delivering programmes in 5 counties in England and understand the importance of networking and building your own trusted network.

The bible tells us the story of Peter, a fisherman who had a fleet of vessels but was struggling to keep up with providing for his family and pay all the roman taxes. After a night of fishing and no catch, he came in to clean and repair his nets. He was working on the nets when Jesus approached him and told him to go back out and cast his nets on the other side of the boat.

Peter could have responded by saying "what do you know about fishing?" but he felt compelled to follow the advice and the result was the biggest catch of his life, so big he had to call other fishermen onshore to come and help him.

For Peter, this was the benefit of having a strong network. Not only did he have strong nets, but he had help to haul in the catch. This came from working on his nets and net working.

The Kings Summit in 2021 will be dedicated to helping entrepreneurs to reconnect and build their own Peer to Peer groups. We all know about networking right? But how strong is our immediate network? Do we have a group of close, trusted advisers around us, who are in business and understand the game?

On 14th October 2021, you will have the opportunity to build your very own Peer group of like-minded business owners who share your values.

This could be the one day that completely changes the direction of your business.

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